Laxmi Board and Paper Mills Ltd

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Paper Machines:

We have three paper machines with a total installed annual capacity of 120,000 metric tonnes. Following are the deckle sizes of our machines

Paper Machine 1: 260 cm

Paper Machine 2: 330 cm

Paper Machine 3: 265 cm

We are one of the very few paper mills in India where high quality Water Repellent Liner and White Kraft Liner is made consistently without any compromise in our quality.

Our products are made from 100% recycled paper and pulp substitutes, sourced locally and globally from places like USA and Europe. 



Corrugation Grade Products-

Virgin Top Liner170 to 300 GSM40BF
Kraft Liner 1170 to 350 GSM35BF
Kraft LIner 2170 to 350 GSM28BF
Test Liner 1170 to 400 GSM24BF
Test Liner 2170 to 350 GSM22BF
White Kraft Liner (Uncoated / Light Weight Coating) 170 to 300 GSM28BF
Water Repellent Virgin Top Liner200 to 300 GSM40BF
Water Repellent Kraft Liner 1200 to 300 GSM35BF
Water Repellent Kraft Liner 2200 to 300 GSM28BF
Water Repellent Test Liner 1200 to 300 GSM24BF
Water Repellent White Kraft Liner200 to 300 GSM28BF

Our Water Repellent products are coated with an FDA-approved water repellent coating. They are currently being extensively used to export boxes packed with meats, fuits and vegetables.  


Tube/Core Grade Products-

Kraft Board 1                                                                  200 to 400 GSM   350 Plybond
Kraft Board 2 200 to 400 GSM   400 Plybond



Quality Parameters:

Our in-house quality control laboratory is approved by India's Department of Defense. We have several checks on our quality parameters at different stages of production, which enables us to maintain high quality standards for every reel manufactured. The following parameters are measured:

  • GSM
  • Burst Factor
  • Ring Crush Test
  • Breaking Length
  • Tear Factor
  • COBB value
  • Tensile Strength
  • Caliper
  • Bulk
  • Plybond
  • Brightness